About the Photographer

This is Maya. She has been photographing for over 2 years now with her specialty being in newborn and maternity portraits. She first became interested in photography when she took a class in high school her senior year. That year she received her first digital camera and fell in love with the craft. With her heart being in the artistic field Maya never gave up on practicing her skills.

Over the years Maya has had the opportunity to pose little humans aged 3 days and up. She is a very patient and calm mannered with children, taking her time to assure that the parents leave with photographs they can cherish.

When it comes to maternity photos Maya has posed many glowing mothers to be. Capturing the smile on their faces and dad kissing that round belly makes her feel special to be photographing them.

She has also had the chance to create visual stories for many families who she has seen time and time again. Watching the children grow older and the families get larger has truly been a joy for her.

Maya started Lavender Love Portraits when she knew that her passion for photography was a forever thing. Her favorite part is being lucky enough to have tiny babies visit her who will never be so little again.





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"There is something so special about capturing photos of a person so small".

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